Braskem reaches the best index of liquid effluents in its history

The result enabled savings of R$115 million with effluent treatment

Concerned with the sustainability of its business and the environmental impact of its activities, Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, has invested heavily in water management in its industrial units. Between its foundation in 2002 and last year, the Company already invested roughly R$280 million in projects to improve water efficiency. As a result, it reached a record level of 1.11m³ per metric ton in the generation of liquid effluents, which accounts for an accumulated improvement of 41% since 2002, in addition to a savings of R$115 million in effluent treatment.

The effort of all areas and their members has already yielded an economy of over R$175 million. The amount includes cost reductions in the treatment of liquid effluents and water consumption, as well as environmental gains relevant to the company environment and the entire plastic chain.

In 2016, the water consumption index reached 3.93m³ per metric ton, an improvement of 5% since 2002. The index is 6.5 times lower than the average of the world chemical industry, according to the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) - 25.64 m3 per metric ton (2013).

As of 2011, water reuse proved to be another sustainable and successful practice in Braskem's operations. In the period, the reuse of rainwater, industrial effluents and domestic sewage treated improved by 27%. In the period 2014-2016 alone, the Company reused 25 million m³ of water through the Aquapolo Project. The initiative released consumption of drinking water to the Great ABC region, in São Paulo, in a volume equivalent to 10,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Braskem's various actions in the field of sustainability generated market recognition and led the company to leading positions in groups and movements in defense of water, with impacts at the domestic and international level.

Since 2015, the Company has been a member of the Global Compact and, alongside SANASA, is leading a movement against water waste in distribution, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Objectives. The loss of treated water accounts for losses of up to R$8 billion per year in Brazil. In 2016, Braskem also began mobilizing its entire supply chain in the CDP Supply Chain Water platform. The initiative was a step further for the Company, which already provided investors with information on water risks and strategic water management through CDP Water.

In addition, Braskem seeks to develop new products, applications and solutions that contribute to improving the efficiency of water use in the sectors of agriculture and sanitation.

About Braskem
Braskem is the largest manufacturer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, with an annual output of over 20 million metric tons, including the production of other basic chemical and petrochemical products, with an annual revenue of R$54 billion. With the aim of improving the lives of people, creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics, Braskem is present in over 70 countries, with 8,000 members, and operates 41 industrial units located in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico - the latter in partnership with the Mexico-based company Idesa.

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