We believe in people

To stand out globally as a solid company, Braskem is aware that it needs to invest in one of its most valuable assets: the human being. With that in mind, we invest in a number of development programs – at the personal and professional level – to develop skills, attitudes and values we consider essential in our team members, in addition to encouraging the leader/subordinate relationship as a means of development.

A word from those who know what they mean!

There is no one better than the Braskem Members to tell us about their activities and the lessons they have learned on a daily basis since joining the Company. Check out what they have to say in the following testimonials!

Isabel Figueiredo - Director of the Commercial and Market Development Area of the Basic Petrochemicals Unit

“Trust in people and planned delegation – those are Braskem’s values, with which I identify the most. At Braskem, we have an action plan that is defined and agreed with the leaders on an annual basis, and we have full autonomy of execution. This is only possible in a company that relies on the human being’s ability and power of realization.”

Patrick Teyssonneyre - Chief Innovation Officer of Braskem

“It is crucial for a professional to dream big since day one. We are required to pursue a solid education, in good educational institutions, with the guidance of qualified teachers, mentors, and leaders. It is also important to devote oneself to challenging projects and professional and personal activities. This will naturally lead the professional to a successful career.”

Renato Yoshino de Lima - Commercial Polymers Manager of the Polyolefin, Vinyl and Renewables Unit

“Braskem’s corporate culture is unique and includes the Company’s main differentiators in the market. Among them, I highlight the practice, which provides the Members with autonomy and accountability of decision; trust in people, which is the basis of everything, as well as the spirit of service and focus on the customer.”

Irlam Aragão - Head of People & Organization area in United States.

“Technical skills are obviously important in any career – and being well aware of your activities and knowing how to guide them is a crucial criterion. Our culture, however, places a strong emphasis on people, and relational skills are the primary requirement. Building relationships based on trust and respect are the basis of the TEO (the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology).”

César Bergamo - Young Recent Graduate and Member

“The Company’s greatness and confidence in its Members, in addition to the opportunities that the Company offers for personal development. That is what motivates me.”