Value Creation

Value Creation

Braskem is working on the following drivers to create value for its shareholders:

New PP plant in the United States

Consistent with Braskem's strategy to diversify its feedstock profile and to expand geographically in the Americas, strengthening its leadership in PP production in the United States, the Board of Directors approved, on June 21, 2017, the project to build a new 450 kton polypropylene plant at its site in La Porte, Texas. The project is slated to start operations in the first half of 2020.

Construction of the new PP plant reached 48.3% completion at the end of 2018, with US$382 million already invested.

Feedstock flexibility project in Bahia

2018 was the first year operating the cracker in Bahia using imported ethane as feedstock. Of the total ethylene produced by the cracker, 11% was made from ethane feedstock.

New Office in India

The Board of Directors of the Company approved in 2018 the incorporation of Braskem's new company in India, to capture growth and commercial opportunities in that region.

Digital Transformation

In 2018, Braskem embarked on its digital transformation. The process is guided by a roadmap with over 50 initiatives covering areas such as Industrial Operations, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain and Corporate Administration. The Company has been adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to develop digital tools for process optimization, preventive maintenance, quality control, blockchain applications in logistics processes, supply and demand forecasting, product tracking and various other processes. The advancement of these initiatives is essential for enabling Braskem to remain at the forefront in innovation in the global petrochemical industry and to position itself to cut costs and capture competitive advantages, which often are the result of new technologies.

Alliance to End Plastic Waste 

In line with the strategy to seek solutions that help address the challenges of the circular economy, in December, Braskem and the other thermoplastic resins producers that are members of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (ABIQUIM), launched the Voluntary Commitment to the Circular Economy of Plastics to promote and expand the reach of the Circular Economy in plastic packaging. Likewise, Braskem Idesa, along with ANIQ and ANIPAC, Mexico's chemical and plastics manufacturers' associations, undertook similar commitments, further reinforcing Braskem's prominent position in this global agenda. In addition, in January 2019, Braskem, along with 27 other companies in the plastics value chain, founded the Alliance for the End of Plastic Waste, a non-profit organization that plans to invest up to US$1.5 billion in projects to develop technologies to combat the disposal of plastics in the environment, especially in the oceans.